we think your planners are amazing.

Now give them the ability to plan the future with the power of predictive AI.

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*Actual user experience shown may vary per installation.


your planners are amazing.

Now give them the ability to plan the future with the power of predictive AI.

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optimize your merchandise sales plan.

know what you need to know before you know it. it’s a thing.

FIND Plan uses demand based predictions to find the optimal spend across departments, classes, product attributes and locations to empower your planning process. Based on your existing merchandise sales plans and award-winning AI, FIND Plan delivers you an optimal merchandise inventory mix to increase revenue and margin. Your reward? Higher gross profits and increased return on your investment.

Finally, there is an easy way to create an optimized merchandise plan that more accurately aligns with store-by-store demand so your customers can always find what they want — while you minimize excess inventory — to make your plans more productive with reduced over-buys, markdowns, and stock-outs.

your shoppers expect more.

It’s time to start planning like it.

Optimized merchandise planning

FIND Plan analyses style and unit quantities to project demand to all levels of your merchandise hierarchy. Now its possible to optimize your sales plan and buys down to the product attribute level across your categories, brands and stores to achieve the ideal assortment and merchandise counts — maximizing your investment to put more money in your pocket.

Maximize your investment

Stop using simple ratios to increase merchandise buys. Optimize all merchandise buys with predictive planning and reduce the misstep of buying excessive amounts of inventories. Reducing extreme over buys directs funds toward high-demand, high-margin products while reducing markdowns.

A collaborative approach.

Get all of your data at your fingertips in an online collaborative interface. Now it’s easy to create multiple sales plans, make item level adjustments, incorporate real-world knowledge and immediately see the predicted effect on your revenues and margin. Share your work with others to rapidly create the most optimal plan for your business.

the numbers.

See a substantial return on your investment in less than 3 months.

Revenue Increase
Margin Increase
Higher Conversion Rates
Create, track and modify your existing plan based on yearly or season views.
Experiment and test alternate or next years plans with the predictive playground. Adjust margins, products, allocation and more.
View your plan’s in line with all other time based events such as Campaigns and Opportunities.
Collaborate with your planning team on a plan by plan basis.
*Actual user experience shown may vary per installation.

what’s inside.

FIND Plan™ provides a platform that predicts your future plans with the ability to adjust any parameters of the planning process from budget to margins to product levels.


Master Plan

Do away with a static spreadsheets and create your purchasing and allocation plan entirely on the FIND platform, making modifications as your plan progresses.


FIND Plan™ monitors the status of your plan and its sales/margin requirements and proactively alerts to important thresholds, shortfalls – creating opportunities to increase sales and margins at the product, location and customer level.

Draft Plans

Create an infinite number of test plans and Plan B’s, collaborating with your team at every stage of the planning process.


With Report™  – everyone becomes an instant data guru, deep diving into all your data in one place and eliminating the time draining practices of sorting between spreadsheets, waiting for external data sources and extensive manual, disconnected calculations

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meet periscope for planners.

Your predictive deep dive into your current retail data. Get a first hand look at how FIND Plan can supercharge your retail planning process.

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